Vision & Mission

We, the learners, educators and parents of Edenglen High School, will strive to ensure that our school will be the high school of choice for parents who reside within the designated geographic boundaries that our school serves, by providing:

  • Quality education that not only prepares learners to exceed the minimum requirements for achievements in statutory examinations, but also be productive citizens of our country.
  • An extra mural curriculum that will allow all learners to maximise their full all-round potential.
  • A working environment that will empower educators to utilise their skills and talents to the maximum.
  • Facilities which support the accomplishment of the abovementioned ideals.


Edenglen High School opened its doors on 8 January 1980 with a total of 321 learners and 18 teachers. It was the beginning of a successful and academically strong school that was destined to become one of the top schools in the region.

At Edenglen we provide an all round quality education. We enable our learners to develop the life skills needed to become productive members of our society, with the enthusiasm to achieve their goals and determination to be the best.

The top quality education our learners enjoy prepares them to achieve in both the academic, cultural and sporting fields. We believe in a well rounded education and the fulfilment of a young person’s potential. Edenglen provides a working environment that will empower all who are involved to utilize their skills and talents to the maximum. We offer a wide variety of academic subjects and an equally diverse range of sporting activities. We provide facilities to support the accomplishment of these ideals.

Edenglen High is proud to have produced top academics in the business and medical fields, renowned sportsmen and women with National Colours and successful members of our society.

Edenglen High School has been placed in the Top 3 of all districts for the past 7 years and its educators have won Top Teacher Awards in various subjects over many years.