Honours Blazer

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In order to be eligible for consideration for an honours blazer a candidate must have been at EGHS from Grade 8 to 12.

  • The candidate must have an exemplary personal code of conduct
  • His / her loyalty, commitment and involvement upholds the ideals and traditions of the school
  • Has a minimum academic average of 70% in matric
  • Needs to be a leader (who displays exceptionally high leadership qualities and relates well to his or her peers as well as educators)
  • Has PARTICIPATED in both sporting and cultural activities and has at least two full colours (in a sporting and cultural activity) OR has fully participated in sporting and cultural activities
  • Must have at least three FULL COLOUR awards in the matric year (excludes service and olympiads)
  • Nominations are made to the Principal by the management team and the final decision rests with the Principal
  • Even if a learner qualifies, it is not an automatic they will receive the blazer

*As amended, March 2016*

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