Edenglen High School Badge

EDENGLEN, one of the top schools in the district!

At Edenglen we encourage students to take part in all spheres of life and encourage excellence in academics, culture, sport and leadership.

We are very proud of our 2014 matrics. 93.31% students have access to tertiary education, either for Bachelor’s Degrees or diplomas. We are one of the top 12 feeder schools for Wits university and based on results of past pupils, we have a position in the Top 10 academic best achiever feeding school.

Edenglen High - European Tour

45 learners from Edenglen High School departed to Europe on 29 June 2013 returning on the 14 July 2013. A long with 3 teachers they spent two weeks enjoying a whirl wind tour and taking in 6 cities and 5 countries. Seen in this photo at Jungfrau - Joch "Top of Europe" Swiss Alps - Switzerland. Many Thanks to the teachers involved and to Mrs Von Ruben for all her hard work in organising yet another successful Edenglen Tour.
Ms A. Von Ruben will take some Edenglen Students on a similar tour in 2016.

Our Vision and Mission…

We, the learners, educators and parents of the school, will strive to ensure that Edenglen High School will be the high school of choice for parents who reside within the designated geographic boundaries that the school serves, by providing:

  • A quality education that not only prepares learners to exceed the minimum requirements for achievements in statutory examinations, but also be productive citizens of our country.
  • An extra mural curriculum that will allow the learners to maximise their full all-round potential.
  • A working environment that will empower educators to utilise their skills and talents to the maximum.
  • Facilities supportive of the accomplishment of these ideals.

About Our School…

Edenglen High School opened its doors on 8 January 1980 with a total of 321 learners and 18 teachers. It was the beginning of a successful and academically strong school that was destined to become one of the top schools in the region.

At Edenglen we provide an all round quality education. We enable our learners to develop the life skills needed to become productive members of our society, with the enthusiasm to achieve their goals and determination to be the best.

The top quality education our learners enjoy prepares them to achieve in both the academic, cultural and sporting fields. We believe in a well rounded education and the fulfilment of a young person’s potential. Edenglen provides a working environment that will empower all who are involved to utilize their skills and talents to the maximum. We offer a wide variety of academic subjects and an equally diverse range of sporting activities. We provide facilities to support the accomplishment of these ideals.

Edenglen High is proud to have produced top academics in the business and medical fields, renowned sportsmen and women with National Colours and successful members of our society.

Edenglen High School has been placed in the Top 3 of all districts for the past 7 years and its educators have won Top Teacher Awards in various subjects over many years.

Our Principal and Staff…

The school has had four Principals to date in Mr Gosher and Mr Padoa, followed by Mrs Gordon and Mrs Donaldson, all of which have made valuable contributions to Edenglen High over the years. Many staff have been through the halls of Edenglen High over the years and have left the school all the richer for their experience and contributions.

The current Principal is Mr Trevor Weinerlein.


We are very proud of our sporting achievements with a number of our learners having achieved National and Provincial Colours in their chosen sport. We have an impressive reputation and enjoy considerable success in our sporting activities over the years in Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Softball, Squash, Tennis, Athletics and Dancing.

Our Drum Majorettes, known as “The Blues” are one of the best teams in the country and have won several prestigious awards over the years at both Provincial and National level.


Edenglen High has a rich culture of Drama, Public Speaking and Debating, having won many accolades inclusive of awards at the EADS and RAPS play festivals, Set Design and awards at the SA Guild of Speech and Drama. Having won several debates within their league, the Debating team have previously been invited to partake on SABC Africa. Edenglen High also has a hugely successful Choir.

Other Activities


We believe in an all round education and provide opportunities to participate in School Camps where learners are trained in teamwork and leadership, whilst having lots of fun outdoors.


Edenglen High partakes in International tours every second year where learners are given insight into life within other countries, historical and cultural diversities, language, art, architecture and geography. The school also undertakes various local History, Geography and Biology tours providing further insight to various subjects.


The school has its very own Environmental Club and has made a choice to take up the challenge to explore the true impact of our lifestyle on our precious planet in order to preserve our planet. The program includes regular hikes and market days.

Spiritual Activities…

Learners are encouraged to form clubs and groups that enrich and empower them spiritually. Edenglen believes in the freedom of religion and we encourage parents to foster good values in their children.

Klic club, a Christian club run by a staff member is available to learners to get together for praise and discussion. All are welcome.

The Hindu BHAJAN devotion meetings are held every Tuesday at school and have a large following. The meetings were started to instil a religious awareness and spiritual practice that may in turn promote good discipline. It will promote the awareness of the Hindu culture and the values, morals and attitudes that have always played a part thereof.

Community Outreach Programme…

We strive to teach the students to appreciate all the blessings, opportunities and luxuries they have, and to have empathy with those who have less. We have a very active community outreach programme.

We are actively involved with Little Eden, we do charity drives at Easter and Christmas for schools and old age homes, we take part in international activities (ice-bucket challenge) and we have adopted Mammogalieskraal Primary School. An intensive "clean-my-crib" initiative has been launched. Our aim is to paint and renovate the school, provide a play area and media centre, establish a vegetable garden and feeding scheme. An annual weekend of hard work will take place, as well as 3-4 short visits during the year. We were also actively involved in the Mandela Day Stop Hunger Campaign.


Leadership development plays a very important role at Edenglen High School. We are very proud of our newly elected leader body, RCL Executive Committee and our new addition to this program, the representatives on the JHB Junior Town Council. Students are encouraged to be part of RCL Representatives, RCL Committee, Sport Captains, Cultural Leaders and many more

Head Prefects
I. Muller; A. Kemsley
Johaneesburg Junior Council
N. Johns; C. Joseph
RCL Chairman and Vice- Chair
N. Johns; B. Mangope


Job Shadowing…

The Job Shadow Program for Grade 11’s is an opportunity for learners to gather information about a career in which they may be interested. By shadowing, a learner gains insight into a career and can decide whether or not to persue the interest. Companies participating in the program assist in building a new South Africa in helping our youngsters make the correct career choices.